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What are my chances of getting into Medical School?

Posted on: July 29, 2008

I have moved to

What are my chances for medical school? To help answer all these future questions concerning competitiveness and chances, I have created a flow chart that will help you solve this problem. I present you the official guide to determining and assuring your chances for medical school. Enjoy! Click to on the chart to see it in correct proportions

Warning, this image is a big picture. This flow chart is extremely extensive, informative and slightly humorous. Please use cautiously.

I originally posted this in the context of the Canadian Pre-med and Medical School forums found at [Note: I am the user: register, I did not steal this flow chart, I made it] I am reposting the flow chart on this blog for your reading pleasure.

Feel Free to Comment and Add Suggestions on how to make this better.


4 Responses to "What are my chances of getting into Medical School?"

Thanks for posting this. its a nice tree to keep medical school plan organised. BTW…if u mind me asking ya… How old are ya? How many times did u do the mcat? and are u in the first yr of med school right now?

Hi Vraev, I’m in my early twenties, wrote the MCAT and currently in my first year of medical school. I may do more flowcharts if people find them useful.

Thanks for this wonderful chart, I came in US on 2005, I have GED and I m associate degree (69 credits hr) here in PA state, and I would like go to medical school, I did check mcat test online, and I think I will be ok because I did study biology, chemistry and physique in university in my country, I need only some review because I did studied this materials on 2001 to 2004. My question is: I take the mcat test or I must go to 4 years university first, what are exactly my chances of getting into Medical School? I start from studing university or taken the mcat test or ….?

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